In order to identify what sorts of places house martins like to use, and inform conservation measures, we first need to build up a good understanding of the current local distributions of nesting house martins on Dartmoor. So we would like to collect as many nest records as possible.

If you spot a house martin nest anywhere on Dartmoor, please use this page to report the location, number of nests and date.

  • Click on the map or drag the marker to set the nest location, or search for the address below.
    Please place the marker as accurately as possible - you can move the map, zoom in to show individual buildings, and toggle between map and satellite view. The position of the marker is more important than the address below being exactly correct.
  • (Optional) Please provide any extra information about the sighting that you think could be useful. For example: type of buildings the nests were seen on, aspect of nests, height of nests, stage of nesting (were birds nest-building, apparently incubating, feeding young?), etc.